If you are preparing for the big fishing trip, purchasing the best fishing hat is a must-have item to protect you from the sun. The design of any fishing hat is the most important feature. Many people don’t think much about what they throw on their heads while fishing. But the best fishermen think seriously about how to properly shield their face and neck from the sun. Be sure to read our fishing kayak reviews if you are still lost in finding the kayak for you.

Best Fishing Hat

Best Fishing Hat

Most any fishing enthusiast can tell you about a time that they have forgotten to bring a hat, and suffered significant sun burn from sun’s harmful UV rays. This is because while on water the threat of UV rays is enhanced due to reflections from the water’s surface. Protecting yourself from these UV rays is very important for your health. In light of your health, in this article we have listed out some of the best fishing hats available for your comfort on the market.

Best Fishing Hat Reviews

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

The imported Bora Bora Booney sun hat is definitely more than your average fishing hat, as we tested it when reviewing the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak. It features UPF 50 which specializes in blocking out 98% of the harmful UV rays. Keeping in mind the health of every angler, this hat has been recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation. The Omni Wick sweatband has been combined with a mesh vent panel. This helps keep you cool and sweat free while you are out in the water on a sunny day.

This hat has Quick Dry features, which means that even after a good dunk in water it’ll be dry in no time. The adjustable toggle can be customized so that the hat fits to your head. Lastly, this 100% nylon made hat is accompanied by an adjustable chinstrap, which means it won’t be caught by the wind during boat acceleration.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat, Khaki, Large

If you are planning on spending hours on the trail or in water, you need not worry about the sun above your head, because the Sombriolet sun Hat will protect your head and face from the heat and UV rays. This hat has been claimed by many consumers to be extremely light weight. It has been made with a Solar Shield construction which offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Moreover, the elegantly placed vents in the crown of the hat, and the moisture absorbing mesh lining helps keep the angler cool and dry.

Keeping in mind the angler’s adventures, this hat has been equipped with piping along the brim edge to make it wind resistant on both land as well as sea. If by accident you ever happen to drop your hat in the water, then don’t worry as it won’t disappear because of its foam stiffened brim. The hat comes with a Trans Action headband which maintains a secure fit of the hat on your head. It also ensures a moisture free wrap for your head. Some other perks attached to the hat are an external adjustable draw cord and a removable chin cord with cord lock.

Bluecell Tactical Head Wear

The Bluecell boonie hat is one of the best fishing hats in the making, we loved it when we reviewed it along with the Ocean Kayak Malibu! This hat provides ultimate protection from the sun and heat. It is extremely light weight and very convenient to carry around. There are two snap buttons on the body of the hat, which help in changing the hat to another style that you might like. The hat is accompanied by four ventilation holes on its body. This hat comes in a package with free Bluecell cable tie. The Bluecell tactical head gear has been designed to effectively protect the anglers from sun and sand.

4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat

The four panel bill flap hat is 3 1/2 inches wide and has a stiff brim, perfect for any type of outdoor activity. It has been made out of 100% polyester. It features a 9 inches long and 13 1/2 inches wide neck flap. The wide brim ensures maximum protection from any kind of weather you might encounter.

The inside of this hat has an inner mesh lining and a sweat band to keep you nice and dry in hot humid conditions. This hat has also been attached with at the back with an adjustable elastic band closure, as well as a chin cord with toggle. All this ensures that the hat maintains a great fit on any head.

If you are going to be on the water any time soon, then you should definitely go for one of these fishing hats. An investment in your health is always worth the cost. If you are in the market for a kayak as well, be sure to read our reviews of the best kayaks of 2017.