Fishing kayaks, like all investments, have a wide range of features. A high-quality fishing kayak can cost anywhere in the range of $500 – $3100 depending upon the manufacturer and the materials used. So if you are serious about locating the best kayak on the market today, you’ll want to read our buyer’s guide of the The Best Fishing Kayaks of 2017.

How to choose a Fishing Kayak : Things to Consider

  • Cargo: Fishing Kayaks typically have more space for storage than other models. So, if you are planning on kayaking with friends and a fridge full of chilled beer, this is a feature worth scrutinizing before you press the “buy” button.
  • Transportation: Make sure that you consider the weight of the kayak into consideration before making your final purchase decision, given the fact that it has to be transported from one place to another. If your travels require you to portage the vessel any, a weighty kayak can make a long trip quite a bit longer.
  • Kayak Type: Many people prefer Sit-On-Top Kayak models owing to the fact that you can easily climb into the back of the kayak without causing undue rocking of the vessel. Sit-in kayaks are often the preferred model for many seasoned kayakers.

Hobie Pro Angler 14 Olive

This is one of our favorite fishing kayaks currently on the market. This model consists of a horizontal storage bin that can accommodate up to six rods at a time. The Boa System Lumbar Seat Support is a unique feature that makes the Hobie Pro a favorite of the avid fisherman.

The Pro Angler 14 also features a large covered bow hatch that comes with liner. The center hatch is also spacious in its own regard, and works great for storing a  tackle management system. Commercial – grade bungee tie-downs have also been provided with mid-ship handles to support over land transport. This kayak is manufactured by Hobie and sold by Nautical Ventures Water Sports Club. From Amazon, typical door-to-door delivery is estimated to be 5-7 days.

Riot Kayaks Edge 11 Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak (Sand, 11-Feet)

The Riot Kayaks Edge 11 Angler Flatwater Fishing Kayak ranks on the high-end of the spectrum in relation to performance and desirability among fishing elites. It hold several storage cabins capable of holding multiple wells of live fish. The standard model also features storage space for up to three rod holders. The kayak comes standard with an easily retractable skeg.

The two water tight compartments within this water craft are ideal for storing camping gear and food. Dimensionally, this model is longer than most low-end models, measuring 12(feet) x 28(inches) x 13(inches). The stability of this kayak is remarkable, due to the design focus placed on the watercraft’s center of mass. At a weight of hardly 44 pounds, this vessel is easy to store and to transport from one place to another.

Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-in Fishing Kayak (Olive, 12-Feet)

For those that are new to the sport, the Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-in Fishing Kayak is a great option. Measuring 144″ long, and weighing in at a reasonable 47lbs, the Excursion features several attractive features including a live well, adjustable back seat, and comes with a Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.) that can be separated from the kayak. With a price point below $500, this model comes in a drab green color and is also available in a smaller 10′ model.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak, Cloud

For a Kayak to be rough and durable, its outer body has to be rigid enough to withstand the force and pressure of rapidly moving water in streams and lakes. The Vapor 10 is built using a triple-layered polyethylene hull for ultimate stability and durability. The spacious cockpit is large enough to accommodate any size fisherman, and the seats feature an adjustable cushion for back support.

The Vapor 10 comes has thigh pads installed in the upper portion of the inner shell to provide an extra layer of comfort and protection. Durable floor braces provide this watercraft with impeccable control. The cockpit also features a few simple amenities for the modern mariner, including a cup holder and a paddle holder.