Kayaking a great physical exercise that is a lot of fun and we have prepared this article Best Kayak Cart Reviews to make your life easy. Whether running the whitewater, paddling across a still lake, or finding the perfect fishing spot, your kayak can get you there and back again. One of the things that make kayaking difficult is getting the kayak to the water. Many kayaks are too heavy to be carried solo. If you are kayaking with a friend, you have to get two kayaks the water. The solution to this problem is the kayak cart. The best kayak cart allows you to pull or push the kayak to the water instead of having to lift and maneuver it. You have spent a lot of time and maybe a lot of money, on your kayak and all the equipment so you want to make sure you get the best kayak cart for your specific needs.

How to Choose the Best Kayak Cart

Not all kayak carts are manufactured equally. Kayaks come in many styles, lengths, widths and seating types. Not every cart can carry every type of kayak. You need to match the kayak cart to the kayak as well as determine how you are going to store the kayak cart in your vehicle or in the kayak if you plan to take it with you on a multi-day kayaking trip. The type of kayak cart best suited for your needs depends upon a couple of factors.

  • Kayak Type – most kayaks have only one seat. But you can purchase kayaks with two or more seats. Your kayak cart must be able to carry your kayak without it falling off or tipping over. The kayak cart must also be able to go where you go to kayak. Do you have to go along paved or dirt paths? Choose the best kayak cart that fits best with your kayaking skills and budget. You also want to match a kayak cart with the shape of your kayak’s hull so that it rides well on the cart and does not bounce too much.
  • Storage Space – some kayak carts fold up and others disassemble. Depending on how large your vehicle is or how much garage space you have, you may want to get a kayak cart with removable wheels. Larger wheels are easier to maneuver along unpaved paths but take up more room if they are detached.
  • Climate – what is the weather like where you kayak? If you kayak in rainy or even snowy weather, you want to have a kayak cart that can hold up to the weather. Not all kayak carts are fully waterproof and the size of the tire will determine the type of messy terrain the cart can roll across.
  • Multi-purpose or Not – some kayak carries are designed to also transport canoes. If you are looking for a single cart to carry your canoe or your kayak, you want to select a universal cart. If you do not own a canoe, you want to stick with a cart that is designed solely for kayaks.

Read our Best Kayak cart reviews:

TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak-KY001

The TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak-KY001 has a 150 pound capacity and can transport either a kayak or a canoe. The inflatable tires are perfect if you require your cart to go across sand or gravel, which you probably do since lakes and rivers have sand or gravel banks. The spring-loaded stand is easy to deploy and keeps the cart steady as you strap or unstrap your kayak. The tires are 9 ½ inches in diameter, which is slightly smaller than the normal 10 inch diameter tires on other carts.

This ½ inch should not deter you from purchasing this cart since it will not be enough of a difference to cause your kayak’s keel to hit the ground. The frame is anodized Stainless steel and aluminum which prevents it from adverse reactions to salt water. This cart can handle any size kayak you may have since it was designed to haul canoes up to 16 feet in length. As with all other kayak carts reviewed, this one comes with a nylon strap; it is suggested that you also hold your kayak on the cart using one or more bungee cords for additional ease of loading and unloading. We had no issues setting it up with the Old Town Predator Kayak.

Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly

The Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly can haul either a kayak or a canoe from vehicle to water with ease. The cart has pneumatic tires that go across sand and gravel much better than solid tires allow. The cart has a spring-loaded stand that makes it very easy to set up when taking it out of your vehicle or out of your kayak at the end of the day. The solid aluminium frame is extremely strong and durable, giving you many years of use without it breaking or rusting – a definite must if you use your kayak near salt water, we recommend you read the review for the Hobie Mirage Revolution kayak we tested the kayak cart with this kayak.

It can carry up to 150 pounds without bending or tipping. The cart has a kickstand that stabilizes the cart when you are loading and unloading your kayak, very handy if you kayak by yourself. Some reviewers have reported a tire smell but this is expected with new inflatable tires. Simply wash the tires with dish soap and the smell should go away. Think of it as being the equivalent to the cart’s “new car” smell.

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart can help you get either a canoe or a kayak to the water. The tires are designed to never go flat since they are airless and much sturdier than inflatable tires. They are easily replaced should you manage to actually break one. The kickstand makes it easy to set your kayak on top of the cart; other carts require you to balance it while doing this operation. This cart has more padding than a lot of other carts which helps protect the keel of your kayak from scratches while transporting it to the water and back.

The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart can carry up to 200 pounds, allowing you to take more with you in fewer trips. This cart is taller than a lot of other carts, which is a prime consideration if your kayak has skegs since they will drag on the ground with other carts. This cart can help anyone haul a kayak that is up to 17 feet in length all by themselves, such as the Sun Dolphin Excursion sit-in Fishing Kayak. it surely is one of the Best Kayak Cart we have reviewed, we have a in-depth review of the Malone Nomad Standard Kayak Cart, we recommend you read that too.

ProSource Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Cart

The ProSource Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Cart is built to get you where you want to take your kayak. The knobby tires have plenty of grip and are inflatable using a standard bicycle pump. This cart is easy to assemble and requires no tools, which means you do not have to carry a toolbox with you just to assemble and disassemble your kayak cart. This cart works great in the most rugged of environments and is ideal for the kayaker who kayaks all year round and wants to get deep into the wilderness to launch his kayak. This list of features has allowed this cart to make the Best Kayak Cart Reviews.

You can have this cart assembled in about 5 minutes and it will fit in the storage area of most kayaks if you want to take it with you. An added feature is that it is possible to turn this cart upside down and attach it to your car. The padding will protect your car roof and it will allow you to tie the kayak to it for added transportation stability from home to lake. We loved testing it out on the Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak, we had no issues at all and so made our top 4 Best Kayak Cart reviews list.

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