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Top 6 Best Fishing Kayak Reviews

Perception Kayak Pescador Pro 12     This kayak’s sturdy design can take the abuse that any river or lake has to offer. It is easy to get on and off this kayak without capsizing. It handles very smoothly, eliminating the feeling that you are paddling against the tide. The Perception

Choosing the Best Beginner Kayak

Kayak rides allow us to explore the breathtaking views of estuaries and sea turfs which are often not possible from the side shores. Not just this, kayaking is also a serious art for those involved in fish catching. Kayaking is even preferred by tourists who wish to

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak Review

If you are planning for nature-watching, surfing or fishing, then without a second thought choose the Ocean kayak frenzy sit-on-top kayak. Because this kayak is user friendly, stable and affordable, your ultimate soul mate. This 9 feet long kayak has all the qualities to satisfy a wide

Tandem Sit on Top Kayak

There are people who are under the impression that it’s better to use a fishing kayak which only has the capacity to accommodate one person instead of two or more, since smaller kayaks are easier to control. This notion is absolutely false owing to the fact that a

Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Kayaking is a one of the very old sports, which seems to be in the spotlight of increased interest in the recent years. One reason for the sudden love of kayaking is that, it is both recreational and exercising. Although the sport is very interesting, but it

Malibu X Factor Kayak

Imagine a kayak that manages to satisfy all your needs to help you get the perfect fishing experience you could ask for. The malibu x factor kayak is one of those kayaks that does just that. It is by far one of the best fishing kayaks available

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Kayak Review

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak is a fun play boat. This kayak can take you out on the river, lake, swamp or surf. If there is room to float, this kayak will handle it. It is a versatile kayak that is great to take fishing or

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak Review

The Perception Sport Pescador 12 is a great kayak whether you use it for fishing or for leisure. The kayak is 12 feet long and can easily support 350 pounds. The Kayak has plenty of storage space and you can use the rear tankwell to store your fishing tackle —