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Pros: The emotion glide kayak is one of the best in the market. It is very versatile, dynamic, stable and sturdy. You can look forward to years of fun and service from this kayak. It is extremely durable and made out of supreme quality polyethylene plastic. This kayak is the best for beginners of this sport.
Cons: The emotion glide sport kayak needs to be maintained to ensure a better service from this kayak. This kayak has been recommended as the best kayaks of all for beginners. But, when it comes to hardcore kayakers and professionals, it will not satisfy them so much.

Kayaking has always been a very popular sport. It is great fun, but to ensure that you have the best experience you need to choose a model of kayak that perfectly fits you. The Emotion Glide Sport kayak is one of those models which have always been recommended by the professionals. The features of this kayak were designed keeping the beginners in mind, but it doesn’t just stop there. Even the professional kayakers have commented that the Emotion Glide is one of the best kayaks with such affordable price range.

When you are planning on a vacation you are looking for a comfortable way to have fun. And, this kayak understands every bit of that. The Emotion Glide Kayak has been loaded with features that help you enjoy comfort even when you are out on the water. This kayak is a perfect amalgam of comfort, safety and stability. The performance is exceptional of this kayak, hence making it a perfect package for anyone and everyone. Like all other Emotion kayaks, this one was also built in USA with supreme quality domestic as well as imported components.

Emotion Glide Sport Kayak

>>Best Price for the Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks<<

The padded seats on the glide are very easily adjustable. They can be customized so that so you can fit in very comfortably. It has built in foot braces, which keep you stable in rough water conditions. The Emotion Glide Kayak cannot be categorized as a high end kayak for competitors, but it surely is perfect for fun times on the lake on holidays where you can take your family also. It is very durable as well, so you can look forward to long years of fun from this kayak.

This kayak is 9 feet 8 inches long and has been built with a deck height of 14 inches. It is extremely light weighted and compact, making it easier to handle in water and easily transportable off water. It weighs just 37 pounds and can be easily carried by one person. The exterior handles make the kayak easily transportable. The light weight of this kayak ensures speed and exceptional tracking in any water condition because of its ST Performance Hull design. Be it large lakes or bays, or even slow moving rivers, this kayak masters it all.

The performance of Emotion Glide sport kayak is incomparable, very good tracking and this kayak is very versatile as well. Beginners to this sport need not worry about a single thing, because this kayak takes care of itself. Even if you are planning a holiday with your family, this kayak is perfect fit on your list, as it is compatible for all age group enthusiasts. The seats are adjustable and have been padded for extra comfort; also they can be easily folded down. There is Comfort Rest System on the seats which provides ultimate comfort. Also, there is a drink holder adding a bit of luxury to your sport while balancing fold down convenience. The adjustable heavy duty foot braces are comfortable and secure your feet in its position. It also has Paddle Keeper which keeps the paddle secure when you are not using them.

Emotion Glide Sport Kayak

Best Price for the Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks

To conclude, the Emotion Glide kayak has, like all Emotion kayaks, lived up to the expectation. After all, Emotion kayaks have a reputation for crafting some of the best kayaks which have always received praise from real life kayakers. We recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun way to spend their holidays and have some leisure time on their favorite lake or river. It is not usual to find a kayak with such affordable price range as well as performance and durability.