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Pros: The Emotion Spitfire 8 kayak is very user friendly and safe for all age group enthusiasts. The spitfire 8 is very durable because of the supreme quality of polyethylene plastic used in its crafting. Despite the kayak’s smaller size it is very stable, dynamic and an exceptional tracker. This kayak is extremely comfortable and is perfect for family outings and trips.
Cons: For people who prefer long length kayaks, this kayak could be a disappointment. But, that does not come in the way of this kayak’s performance in any aspect.

The Emotion Spitfire 8 kayak is a one of the most user-friendly and comfortable sit-on-top kayaks in the market. This kayak has been designed for enthusiasts who are looking for performance, stability and sturdiness. Hence, it is a perfect kayak for beginners and intermediates.

The Emotion Spitfire 8 is 96 inches long and can be categorized as a short length kayak. However, it is extremely spacious with a lot of storage room. A lot of people prefer smaller or shorter kayaks, due to the ease of transport, light weight, and flexibility. Although the Emotion Spitfire 8’s dimensions are shorter, the ST Performance Hull makes it surprisingly fast and also an exceptionally good tracker for its size. The stability of this kayak is incomparable.

The Emotion Spitfire is built in the USA with superior quality components, both domestic and imported. It has been equipped with awesome features like a padded seat back as well as a tank well with cargo net. The features of this kayak are the ones you find on expensive kayaks but the spitfire 8 is very affordable. It can be easily transported, even if you don’t have a roof rack. It can pretty easily fit into the back of your SUV, or truck.

Emotion Spitfire 8 Kayak

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The Spitfire 8 kayak has been blow molded out of an ultra durable high density polyethylene plastic. Also, the polyethylene plastic is UV protected so that you can enjoy your sport on a bright sunny day. The molded in foot wells are very comfortable and ensure secured foot placement. There are self bailing scupper plug holes in the cockpit, which helps in keeping the inside of the kayak nice and dry. The added volume as well as the high capacity of this kayak makes it a perfect fit for enthusiasts from all age groups.

The tank well on the back side of the kayak has cargo net lacing, which secures loose items. Also, the molded in carry handles of the kayak enable easy transport on the waterfront. It is so smooth on water that you can easily relax without getting tensed up about the kayak. Even if you don’t know how to swim, this kayak will make sure that you don’t trip off into the water. The Emotion Spitfire 8 is very stable and safe.

The large rear tank well is equipped with a cargo net, which offers enough space for an entire camping gear to fit into it. The compact design of this kayak makes it very safe and hence quite kid-friendly. So, if you are planning on a family vacation in the wild then this kayak should be a must on your list. This kayak is the epitome of comfort, starting from the molded in foot wells to the padded backrest, everything on the Spitfire 8 makes it extremely comfortable. Usually, people don’t prefer smaller kayaks when planning for long trips. But, even during these trips you will never experience discomfort or feel cramped in the spitfire 8.

Emotion Spitfire 8 Kayak

>> Best Price for the Emotion Spitfire 8 Kayak <<

To conclude, the Emotion Spitfire 8 sit on top kayak is one of the best kayaks in the making. It is a complete package of performance, safety, stability and fun. The comfort it provides you with is simply incomparable. Water sport enthusiasts from all walks of life will enjoy this kayak. Also, the emotion kayaks have always been recommended by the professionals. So, if you are imaging yourself alone in a valley rowing your kayak or enjoying the holiday with your family, then this is perhaps the perfect kayak that you should go for.