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Pros: The kid sun dolphin Bali kayak is the safest and most secure kayak ever. These kayaks are dynamically perfect, ergonomically sound and very affordable. The quality of components of this kayak is unparalleled. The kayak is very light weight. It can be easily carried around in one hand and can easily fit in the back of your SUV or truck. The adjustable size of paddles and the adequate size of seats show that they can be adjusted to fit in anyone, irrespective of their size. Also, the weight holding capacity of this kayak is astonishing. It can hold up to 140 pounds of weight, which is more than half the kayak available in the market.
Cons: There have not been many issues with this kayak.

KL industries have always had a name for quality and trust. And, they have been maintaining it for years. The Kids Sun Dolphin Bali kayak is yet another illustration of their excellence. If you are a family person and are planning on a fun trip with your kids to your favorite lake or bay, then this is exactly what will make your kids delighted. We understand that the adult kayaks can be a bit too hard for the kids to operate by themselves. Hence, the KL industry brings to you this kayak which is the safest, most reliable and most durable kayak ever. This kayak can handle a lot of weight and is very light weighted too. So, it can be operated easily by anyone and everyone. It is what you call an ultimate family fun on the water.

KL Industries Kids Sun Dolphin Bali Kayak

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Dimensionally, the Kids Sun Dolphin Bali kayak is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, with a height of 8 inches. The weight of the kayak itself is 30 pounds, and it claims to be able to carry 140 pounds of weight. This kayak possesses a relatively higher weight limit as compared to other type of kayaks that are available in the market.

The Kids Sun Dolphin Bali kayak operates really well! It is ergonomically very sound, is way sturdier than it looks and it tracks very well. The tracking of this kayak is a state of the art, it is smooth and not much effort has to be put into it. This kayak is an example of a self bailing Bullet. It can self bail to around 125 pounds. This kayak has been made extremely light weighted so that it is very convenient to carry. The kayak can be paddled with extreme ease. And, even with such easy paddling the kayak offers maximum stability. This kayak is very versatile, safe, light weighted and absolutely great for kids.

KL Industries Kids Sun Dolphin Bali Kayak

The Kids Sun Dolphin Bali kayak has been carved out of a supreme quality high density polyethylene, which has been rugged by UV stabilized fortiflex. There is an open cockpit on the main frame which ensures an easy and comfortable entry. Other perks of this kayak include the graduated foot wells, which help keep the foot in proper position even while paddling. Also, these foot wells are customized so that they can be adjusted according to the paddler’s wish. The seating area is appreciable large, very comfy and can accommodate paddlers irrespective of their size. This kayak is accompanied by deep seat; hence, no seat back is required. There are paddle holders included with the main frame. These holders ensure that the paddles are kept in their original position when the paddler is not paddling.

To conclude, the Kids Sun Dolphin Bali kayak is a perfect choice when your kids are accompanying you on your kayaking adventure. This kayak is a patent KL industry product which means it is the most reliable kayak in the market. So, you need not worry about the safety of your kids. Also, the working and dynamics of this kayak are incomparable. Hence, you can count on an experience of your lifetime. Like all other KL industry products, this kayak also comes along with a two year warranty. But, if maintained properly these kayaks will guarantee a lifetime of service.