Perception Kayak Pescador Pro 12 


This kayak’s sturdy design can take the abuse that any river or lake has to offer. It is easy to get on and off this kayak without capsizing. It handles very smoothly, eliminating the feeling that you are paddling against the tide. The Perception Sport Pescador 12  is a single person sit on top kayak. This kayak is ready to take fishing right out of the box and is one of the reasons it has made our list as one of the best fishing kayak.

The Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler kayak comes with one flush mount rod holder and one Scotty Baitcaster rod holder. There is an ample tankwell for storing your fishing gear. There is also a water tight storage compartment in the front of the kayak. The kayak has been reported to handle up to 350 pounds. This makes it possible for you to get both fishing and camping gear in this kayak without fear of sinking. Bring home your limit without fear of overloading this top-notch vessel.

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Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-In Fishing Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-In Fishing kayak is a single seat sit in kayak. It is outfitted with two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder.

 Sun Dolphin Excursion sit-in Fishing Kayak

The hull is designed to be sturdy and tracks exceptionally well. The cockpit is large and open. You can adjust the foot braces to fit your body as well as the seat. There is a high back support that assists you when you are paddling and provides comfort when you are fishing. There is an ample storage hatch with shock cord rigging that will keep your gear secure as you glide along the water. This is one of our favorite fishing kayaks for the price.

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A word to the wise: the kayak does not come with a paddle so be sure to read up on our kayak paddle reviews before checkout.


Old Town Predator Kayak

Old Town started out building canoes in 1898. In 1940, Old Town used its knowledge of wood and canvas canoes to develop a wood and canvas kayak. Prior to this, kayaks were still made from seal skin. This was major innovation since the new kayak was lighter than any previous kayak and was also sturdier. Today Old Town uses lightweight fiberglass in its full line of kayaks. Old Town kayaks are quiet and easy to navigate. They continue to innovate, most recently focusing on multi-layer designs. These designs not only make their kayaks sturdier, but they also help insure that the kayak will not easily develop a puncture that will cause the kayak to take on the water.

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Old Town kayaks have roomy cockpits and are nearly impossible to tip over. They feature ample watertight storage space, as well as places to store things around the cockpit. Old Town kayaks have thigh pads that will make it more comfortable to be in your kayak for long periods of time and will help keep you from banging your knees while paddling. Old Town offers three families of Kayak: the Heron, the Vapor and the Dirigo families.

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Fishing Kayak

The Riot Kayaks Escape 12 is perfect for the serious-minded angler. This SoT kayak has all the features you will want or need for a relaxing day of fishing. There are five rod holders on this kayak. That is even more impressive when you realize that this is a single seater. The pilot rudder system has a profiled blade with plastic reinforced by glass. This material combination adds strength to the system while it cuts down on the windage and weight. This craft handles like a dream on the water. The V-block and pulley system operates smoothly. The five rod holders consist of two front and two rear flush mount rod holders and one adjustable rod holder. The adjustable rod holder rotates a complete 360 degrees and can be adjusted vertically for the perfect placement. The swivel locking ring grips your rod firmly and will keep the rod on the kayak even in the middle of the “fight.” All these features roll up into one of the best fishing kayaks on the market today.

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The sit on top seat can be fitted into any of four attachment points. You can adjust your seat to however you want it and it will stay put,

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher kayak can sit up to three people. This sturdy kayak is stable enough to fish standing up thanks to its revolutionary tunnel hull design. You can even fish sidesaddle on this remarkable kayak. This kayak is almost impossible to tip over. The kayak features a pair of ergonomic seats that will keep you and your passengers high and dry with two soft backrests. The third person can sit in a side facing center seat. The Lifetime Sport Fisher kayak is well balanced. Even though it’s designed for tandem, the kayak does not require weight redistribution when kayaking solo.

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The Lifetime Sport Fisher kayak has four rod holders, easily enough for three anglers out on the water. There a 6-inch rear storage hatch. Ditty trays and shock straps help secure your loose items. Weighing a light 60 pounds, this kayak comes in as one of the lightest available rigid kayaks that can seat up to three people.

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler

The Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler kayak is an inflatable single seat Sit In kayak that features an aluminium rib frame. The stability is increased through its wide beam design similar to the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak. The sturdy abrasion pads make this kayak ideal for fishing, even in the deepest marsh and reeds. The seat has a  high back support and an inflatable lumbar support allowing you to fish in comfort and peace. With two rod holders it’s easy to cast multiple lines. The kayak also features a removable mounting rail that can be used to add your favorite fish finder, additional rod holders or any other equipment you might choose to carry. One complaint about the removable mounting rail is that it is too far forward for some anglers. If you don’t use that sort of thing, we recommend leaving it at home.

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There is stainless steel D-rings for attaching other accessories. These D-rings will not snap off easily. The aluminum rib design makes this kayak easy to track. The kayak weighs a modest 41 pounds and has a capacity of 300 pounds.